Pendulium by Timo Tali

This one has been in the pipe since October last year, but as I’ve said before things have come up and this post falled between the cracks. Aaanyway… This time we have yet another rig designed by Timo Tali. There is a lot of Pointes, BestBoy’s, LEDs and what not. But as always when it comes to light, why read about it when you can see it for yourself?



Once again, thank you for sharing this design with us Timo! See some of Timo’s other posts here and here! If you have a rig you want to share with us please upload it to Submit Design.


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We are back! As of right now we’ve had over 6600 show-downloads on this site. Wow! Thank you guys for following and sharing! For this year’s first post I wanted to design something just over the top. This rig is just packed with different types of beams and effects, designed with a EDM-scenario in mind. Since the rig is a bit ‘repetitive’ it very easy to program and create some really distinct looks. The rig is based around six ‘columns’ that extends out trough six ‘branches’. There are ClayPaky Mythos at the base of the columns, on top of them and at the end of the branches. Keep in mind that the fixture-personality for this fixture may not correspond exactly with the real fixture (gobos et.c.).


Something you do not see in the images is the lowres LED-screen which goes between the columns and the fixtures hung from them. To extend the screen I also added the ChromaQ ColorBlocks to the columns and to six trusses on the side of the stage. These things look great live, you won’t really get the effect in MA3D though… When pixelmapped together with the screen you can get some really immersive looks if your lucky!

Short demo-video


While the Mythos-fixtures work great as a profile-fixture and do one of the punchiest beams on the market, it still needs a bit of backup on both fronts. To do this I choose Vipers as my primary profile-fixture for obvious reasons, and the Martin Rush MH4 Beam as my beam-fixture. The MH4 performs great, and only falls short when it comes to gobos and colors.


While on the topic of Rush-fixtures there are some Rush Par2 Zoom-fixtures in there too as truss warmers and sidelights. Really like this fixture! Great wash, smooth color mixing, and can zoom in really tight. Also the lens is the same as the Aura, which makes it fit in with the rest of the washes. 2

And last, but not least, the headcount:

  • 18    ClayPaky Mythos
  • 18    Martin Mac Viper Performance
  • 42    Martin Mac Aura
  • 36    Martin Rush MH4 Beam
  • 14    Martin Rush PAR2 Zoom
  • 12    Martin Atomic 3000 Strobe
  • 4      ARRI 1k Fresnel
  • 108  ChromaQ ColorBlock
  • 75    LowRes  LED Screens

A total of 327 fixtures, including 114 moving lights…


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EDM Wonder



This time we have a great rig to play around with. The stage is designed by Toomas Liiv and the lighting is designed by Timo Tali. Enjoy!



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Arctic Monkeys Lightshow + Download

Today I have a lightshow to share with you by Timo Tali. Timo was kind enough to share his show file with us too, so make sure to give his video a like!

In the next week or so I have something new coming up, so make sure you’re subscribed to MAStages!




Since the last posts were set in arenas and stadiums I thought it would be a good idea to scale it down a bit for todays post. This time we are working with what could be a festival or small concert rig. I added in 7 “Pods” that you can hoist up and down individually, with LED Panels and B-EYEs on them for you to get super creative with. Enjoy!

Note: Since I’ve got some emails and comments regarding the very sporadic updates of this site I will just answer them here instead. Since I both go to school and freelance as a LD I will unfortunately not be able to keep this blog updated as much as before…
Design by Emanuel Tilly Design by Emanuel Tilly Design by Emanuel Tilly     Headcount:

  • 36 Aura
  • 34 Robe Pointie
  • 7 Clay Paky B-Eye K20
  • 6 6Lite Blinders
  • 20 Robe Robin 1200 Wash

A couple of Atomics. Loads of LED Screens, LED Panels and LED Bars… Download

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MA2: Classic


Back at it again for you guys. This time we have a rig that’s more of a basic rig, but it’s a bit more thought out than the rest of them and I programmed in some extra features this time. Of course we are using version to get all of those awesome new features going. 

The rig is designed to be able to handle a lot of different types of music. If we start out with the main LX-rig we have a lot of CP Sharpy Wash 330’s as our main wash light, and Martin Mac Viper Areal as our profiles and aerial effects. As you may have noticed we also have a huge backdrop which is being uplit by Robe Robin LED Washlights. 

 To spice things up a bit we also have 8 Sharpys and 2Lites on moving pods in front of the backdrop. And of course a Atomic3000 here and there (You can never have enough Atomics). 

 Also, if you log in as user “mastages” and go to External Screen 2 and select view “Inferno” you will find a basic live-busking page if you don’t feel like programming everything from scratch!    I guess that’s it. Enjoy!


S1 S3


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Theatre by Cameron A. Macdonald

It’s always great to receive emails from people who want to put there rigs on this site, and Cameron’s Theatre-rig was no exception. He has done a great job designing, structuring and laying out this modern and easy to use rig. If you’r having a hard time finding your way through the rig, he made a great lighting plot too which is included in the download.  Enjoy!




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MA2: SuperStadium

We’re back, and this time with 4200-parameters! This one is filled up with groups, presets, positions et.c. on Ext.1 screen. And what else do we have to offer you? That’s right! A shitload of lights! Sharpy Wash 330, VL3500 Wash FX, Syncrolites, you name it.. To see specific lights, please read the headcount. Enjoy!

Shot1 Shot2 Shot3 Shot4 Shot5Headcount

  • 26 VL3500 Wash FX
  • 12 VL3000 Spot
  • 58 CP Sharpy Wash 330
  • 50 CP Sharpy Beam
  • 40 CP Alpha Wash 1500
  • 14 Syncrolites MX3000
  • 24 Robe Robin 1200 LED Wash
  • 8 Martin TW1
  • 10 Atomic 3000
  • 4 Blinders


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TronStage (by Ben Goffin)

Im exited to tell you that I today can give you a show that is not my own. This is our first community-submitted design sent to us by Ben Goffin. Thanks for shareing it with us! The showfile is compleate with groups and some universal colorpallettes, but unfortionaltly no position-presets. If you too have a stage to share, please send it in here.

Ben's Stage

“A showfile I put together in a couple of days, inspired by some of the setups in Muse’ recent tours, without LED Video e.t.c… There are almost 100 Mac vipers In there, Some VL3500, Sharpy washes… A couple of different LED fixtures, a few up in the rig but mostly lighting up the runway, which also holds some sunbeam blinder bars. Up In the rig are a dynamic layout of the fixtures I mentioned above. I hope you enjoy testing your skills on a slightly larger scale. Also I threw a few atomics in there but the static fixture I used most in the rig were some nice Arena sized audience blinders. Not all the pools are finished so I guess you could take it from me and work on it… All special fixtures are included in the Spidershow showfile on this website 😉 Enjoy!”
Ben Goffin


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